Certified translation

Translation Office in Riyadh

Explore premium certified translation services, emphasizing outstanding quality, rapid delivery, and steadfast reliability. Located in the dynamic translation market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our translation office ensures a superior experience for our clients.

Certified Translation Services

With more than a decade of expertise in the translation industry, our office in Riyadh stands out as a beacon of exceptional translation services within the Kingdom. Our proven competence extends across various regions in the Arab world through our six branches, each dedicated to delivering outstanding services. Committed to upholding stringent quality standards, we ensure our clients receive professionally translated texts accredited by domestic and international entities and embassies. Equipped with professional and scientific expertise, our accomplished team excels in handling even the most intricate disciplines. At our certified translation office, customer satisfaction is paramount; thus, we prioritize the comfort and fulfillment of our clients’ needs around the clock.

Our Services

Certified Translation

Arabia Translation Services, operating under the name translation-ksa, stands out as one of the premier certified translation offices in Riyadh. We specialize in offering government and agency-certified translation services for all official documents, catering to diverse languages.

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Simultaneous translation

In this form of translation, our translators concentrate on enhancing the aesthetic aspects of linguistic style while ensuring precision in expressions, meanings, and effects. The goal is to convey the accurate meaning and achieve the intended purpose.

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Legal Translation

In Riyadh, we offer legal translation services covering a range of documents, including contracts, judgments, and case documents. Our legal translators are well-versed in all judicial laws to ensure accurate and comprehensive translations.

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Religious Translation

In this form of translation, our translators prioritize the aesthetic aspects of linguistic style, ensuring precision in expressions, meanings, and impacts to convey the intended meaning and achieve the desired objective.

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Desktop Publishing

The client’s demand to design websites has grown in light of the spread of audio-visual media and its importance in reaching clients and achieving goals.

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Proofreading Services

Most of our clients come to us to review specific texts, such as books and scientific theses by a proofreader in Riyadh to reach the best level of eloquence.

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Our Team

Our team at the certified translation office consists of highly qualified translators and language specialists, each holding scientific degrees in the field of translation and boasting extensive experience in the dynamic translation market of Riyadh. Organized into specialized groups, each focused on distinct fields, our team is committed to delivering top-tier, expedited certified translation services for a spectrum of documents, covering legal, commercial, technical, and marketing domains. Our translators excel at providing clients with professional content that aligns seamlessly with the prevalent terms, expressions, and styles inherent to their specific disciplines. Serving as strategic partners, we ensure that our clients receive translations of the utmost quality and accuracy.

Question and answer

What Are Your Payment Methods?

We welcome various payment methods, such as bank or online transfers through PayPal, credit or debit card payments, and cash payments at our office.

I Have A Highly Urgent File And Need Translation As Quickly As Possible; Do You Can Complete The Translation In Time?

Our translators will provide you with very fast translation thanks to their experience and good management of certified translation projects in Riyadh. Accordingly, we can deliver a file of 4 pages within one hour and 30 pages within 24 hours.

Is Our Translation Services A Certified And Sworn Office In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia؟

We provide certified and sworn translation for all documents and instruments. All documents translated by us are recognized by the governmental authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since our office is certified and registered at Saudi Chamber of Commerce.

Would I Verify The Quality Of The Accredited Translator Prior To The Translation?

We highly appreciate our clients’ care for quality; hence, we offer a free sample of the translation project of no more than 200 words upon the client’s request to ensure that certified translation in Riyadh meets the requirements of quality and accuracy.

Our translation process

Document Assessment

Our process commences with a detailed assessment of the documents you provide. Our expert team conducts a thorough review of the content to grasp its context, nuances, and specific requirements.

Free Quotation

After the assessment, we furnish you with a clear and complimentary quotation. This includes a comprehensive breakdown of the costs associated with the required translation service.

Tailored Delivery Timeline

Recognizing the significance of time sensitivity, we tailor a delivery timeline based on your specific needs, ensuring alignment with your schedule.

Client Approval

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. After reviewing the quotation and proposed timeline, we seek your approval. We encourage open communication to address any concerns you may have before proceeding.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

In order to enhance the confidentiality of your information, upon your agreement, we supply you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Quality Assurance

Prior to the final delivery, our dedicated team conducts a thorough quality assurance check to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and fidelity of the translated content, guaranteeing that you receive a certified translation.

Certified Translation Office In Riyadh

Inaugurating our journey in 2010, Our Certified Translation Office embarked on a mission in Riyadh to deliver top-notch certified translation services to the public, private sectors, and individuals. Grounded in the values of quality, reliability, and confidentiality, our dedicated team, comprising experienced translators and language experts, is unwaveringly committed to upholding these standards. Expanding our presence to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo, and beyond, our vision continues to center on promoting certified translation services while staying abreast of the latest global developments in the translation industry. We recognize the paramount importance of connection and communication, particularly within the diverse fabric of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East.