The desire of Saudi students to complete their university education and obtain higher degrees from the world’s finest universities has expanded. To this end, the Saudi High School Certificate must be translated, and some additional conditions that differ from one university to another are met. In this article, we address together everything related to the translation of the Saudi High School Certificate, and the importance of relying on accredited offices to successfully carry out this task.

Translation of status card

The Civil Status Card in Saudi Arabia is an official identification document issued by the Ministry of Interior to citizens with the aim of establishing their identity.

The translation of the status card is an essential step for many purposes and uses, as it is a document necessary when traveling to disclose the conditions of civil travelers, and thus grant them a visa to foreign countries.

The card carries important personal information and must therefore be carefully translated, taking into account the exact match between the original card and the translated version; To ensure that they are admitted to official bodies and that citizens are not subject to any legal sanctions.

What are the uses of the Translated Status Card?

You may wonder why you should use the Status Card Translation Service, a question that is clearly answered at the initial moments when you want to deal internationally. Translating the Status Card is the transit gate and access to many services. Here are the most important and needed services for translated identity cards:

Travel Visa Extraction

Travel to any foreign country requires the provision of some important documents in the language of the intended country, perhaps one of the most famous and important documents, whose accurate translation helps you facilitate your travel procedures.

Benefit from foreign scholarships

If you are an aspirant to provide your knowledge score from reliable foreign sources, the translation of the status card is one of the most important paperwork required to apply for external scholarships, as it easily proves your identity to the specialist.

Access to housing loans and other foreign banks

First-class official banking transactions, when you need a loan to buy an apartment, car or other foreign bank, the status card is at the top of the list of required documents in accurate and certified translation; In order for the bank to ascertain your identity, therefore, it provides you with the requested loan easily if you meet the conditions.

Smooth dealing with foreign companies

In order to ensure the expansion of your trade, and to facilitate your dealings with international companies, joint contracts and agreements need to provide parties to translate some documents, including identity card, to ensure a transparent and legally compliant transaction.

Extraction of legal documents

Translating a status card may also benefit you when you need to extract legal papers such as a criminal paper, and help you easily renew the national number in foreign embassies.

Automated Translation of Status Card

We have learned about the importance of translating the status card, and it is time to learn about the ways it is available for translation, perhaps most recently the most famous of which is AI-based automated translation but, is this a suitable option available?

Unfortunately, despite the evolution of artificial intelligence techniques, its translation is still unable to match the features of human translation. One of its disadvantages is:

  • Not being able to take into account cultural differences when translating, which increases the chances of errors some of which may be grave.
  • Lack of awareness, the machine is translated to perform tasks, and when translated, it takes us to translate craftsmanship that doesn’t work for many but most uses.
  • The official entities do not recognize automated translation. Therefore, no matter how developed, the machine will continue to be unable to provide certified translation trusted by embassies and government and official bodies.

From this point of view, it is obvious that you should avoid the automated translation of your ID card, which carries a lot of your personal data which is very much needed for accuracy when translated and to ensure that this data is not disseminated and made publicly available.

You are not eligible to translate your status card

Deep personal knowledge of your data in the status card does not encourage you to take over the task of translating it even if you possess some linguistic experience.

The translation of the status card is one of the legal translation services that cannot and may only be entrusted to a veteran translator with extended experience in the world of law as well as his appropriate linguistic knowledge.

While it seeks to save the cost of translation, self-translation as well as automation will cost you a lot and a lot, errors in legal translation may lead to unintentionally significant consequences and charges.

Best Office in Riyadh For Translation Services

When translating a status card, you need to use a certified translation office whose translators know the Kingdom’s laws well so that they can provide a premium translation service that will help you make the most of the translated document.

In Alsun, our veteran team is always present with you to translate all legal and other documents in the Kingdom. If you are looking to translate the status card accurately and professionally, please welcome to Alsun where permanent excellence has been for more than 12 years.

Translate your ID card for all languages

With Alsun, you can easily translate the status card for any language you want, as our translators have more than 50 language experience, including the rarest and most famous languages; Let us provide you with accurate translation service that is linguistic and sound in all respects.

In order to ensure the highest quality, we select our translators very precisely, with great concern for their linguistic abilities, great knowledge of the rules of language, and cultural differences between different linguistic couples.

Get a translated online copy of the status card as soon as possible

At Alsun we are keen to provide the best experience for our customers, and the greatest comfort, so we have provided a huge team of translators that are always ready to meet all your needs for certified and reliable translation services.

Besides our permanent headquarters in Riyadh, we provide our online services to get to you anytime and throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Also, our online services have no worries with them. We are always keen on extreme accuracy when translating any document, as well as having our collaborative customer service team who are always ready to answer your questions before, during and after the service!

There are some legal documents that require certified translation such as:

  1. Translation of Family Card
  2. Translation of Saudi birth certificate
  3. Translation of the commercial registry

Legal translation in Alsun has special standards

Dealing with legal documents such as the translation of a status card is a sensitive task, and to do it to the fullest, we adhere to some important criteria, including:

  • Relying only on specialists for their comprehensive knowledge of various law sciences.
  • Ascertain the language interpreter’s experience and accurate knowledge of the required language pair.
  • To ensure the confidentiality and privacy of personal data in identity cards.
  • Repeated and accurate review after the translation of the status card to ensure the authenticity of the translation.
  • To comply with the original document’s version and data without altering or decreasing its statements.

Do not carry a cost concern

Translating the conditions card in Alsun is available at the best prices, without compromising the quality of translation. Our goal is to be an available option that all customers trust across their budgets. Contact us now and tell us your requirements to meet all the best price!

Finally, the translation of the status card is a necessary service that we need to facilitate various international procedures such as travel, learning, commerce, etc. In order to obtain a document translated with certification and accuracy, automated translation or even self-translation may not be relied upon, but the best option is always to rely on certified translation offices as the age; Seeking a distinctive translation service you trust.

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