There is no doubt that the translation profession now falls into the category of prestigious jobs that guarantee its owner experience and prestigious place in society and the will to live And because the world cannot live without the interpreter, it is the primary reason for the connection of the sciences and cultures of the East to the West and vice versa, So all segments of society are in dire need of translation. But what steps should you follow to become a certified translator?

What are the specifications of the certified translator?

According to the Saudi Translation Office, a set of criteria has been developed on the basis of which the translator becomes certified


A bachelor’s degree in translation, or a master’s degree, must first be obtained from a well-known university. or its equivalent to cover the theoretical aspect of the essentials and methods of translation


Testimonies alone are not enough for the translator to obtain an accredited title, he must strive in this endless sea and work to use the time to read various articles, research and books related to the field of translation, which helps him expand his knowledge and knowledge of a lot of terminology and increase his linguistic wealth and culture.

Learn about the culture

Through reading, reading, researching and learning about this nation’s culture, civilization, habit, laws, printing, customs and terminology used by its inhabitants, whether official terminology or rolling flaps

Interest in the original language

Many students do not care about the language of origin and always strive to develop and care about the language of purpose. This is wrong because a professional and powerful interpreter must be equally literate in both languages in order to be able to manipulate and change the word however he or she wishes without distancing from the original meaning of the text.

Conditions for licensing a translation office in Saudi arabia

clear mind

One of the most important qualities that makes the translator professional is the serenity of his mind and calm during the translation process, so that he can retrieve all the information and terminology related to the document he translates, the grammar and the basics of translation and this enables him to produce a sound, strong and fault-free text


The interpreter must be aware of how important the time is for his client, the more he can produce a sound, error-free text and deliver it on time whenever the customer calls him due to his good reputation and ability to complete the work at a specified time.

Secretariat in Action

One of the most important features of a competent translator is that when a document is translated, it must be read well, searched for and translated in a respectful manner and not seen by anyone except the translator and his client, which attracts the attention of clients and increases their confidence

Technology in the translation process

The translator must exploit everything he has in order to develop himself and reach the highest possible performance Through taking online courses, listening to a professor of translation and taking the most important advice from them, It is also meant to use the technology in translation and keep abreast of the times such as the exploitation of Chat Gpt which can help you and complete your translation documents in a short time At the same time, you cannot rely entirely on automated translation for the possibility of many errors, you must exploit your role and expertise and review documents before they are delivered.

This shows that the basic skills of the interpreter to become a certified translator do not occur between day and night, but take months and possibly many years and vary from person to person. So if you are looking for work and you have fulfilled those conditions, quickly contact the translation office of Riyadh to apply for the translation function, If you have any of the documents you would like to translate, you can contact the office via available official numbers and schedule a date for your documents to be translated professionally at special prices.

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