The certified translation office offers premium religious translation services in Riyadh for all religious texts.

Translation Of Religious Texts In Riyadh

The intricacy of religious translation lies in the nature of religious texts, demanding absolute accuracy, exceptional quality, and comprehensive proficiency in both Arabic and the target language. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there is substantial importance placed on the translation of religious texts, especially as they are utilized by religious missions tasked with propagating Islamic teachings in other countries. These texts encompass various forms, including interpretations of the Holy Qur’an, Hadiths, Islamic sciences, religious sermons, and more. Successful translation of religious texts mandates the expertise of professional translators well-versed in the intricate terminology of religious discourse to ensure a precise and faithful rendition.

Types Of Religious Translation

Religious translation is a noble mission that plays a crucial role in disseminating Islamic knowledge across diverse languages. Consequently, it demands specialized skills and unwavering accuracy. Religious texts encompass:

  • Translation of the Holy Qur’an
  • Translation of the Prophet’s Hadiths
  • Translation of Islamic sciences such as jurisprudence
  • Translation of the Holy Qur’an interpretation
  • Translation of Islamic sermons and lessons
  • Translation of other religious texts and the subjects related to the comparison of religions.

ksa provides professional religious translation services for all religious texts at the best prices within the specified deadline.

Stages Of Religious Translation In RiyadhThe client submits the religious files for translation, specifying the target language and any project-related requirements.

Our project manager evaluates the submitted documents or files, providing the client with the translation cost and proposed delivery date.

Upon the client’s agreement to the specified cost, our project manager assigns the file to a specialized religious translator.

After the translation is complete, the file undergoes a meticulous review by a specialized linguistic and religious reviewer to ensure accuracy and flawlessness.

Subsequently, the reviewed file is sent to the client for their examination and approval.

Why Should You Choose ksa For Religious Texts Translation Services?

Experience: ksa stands out as a prominent office in Riyadh, specializing in religious translation. Our translators possess substantial scientific and cultural backgrounds, coupled with extensive religious experiences, knowledge, and proficient language skills.

Accuracy and Quality: We strictly adhere to the highest standards of quality and accuracy in our translations, ensuring the absence of linguistic or grammatical errors, thanks to our team of seasoned translators.

Accreditation: ksa holds certification and approval from governmental entities and embassies. We offer certified translation services for over 50 languages, both to and from these languages.

24/7 Customer Service: Our 24/7 customer service is readily available to address all inquiries related to various certified translation services. Feel free to contact us at any time.

Commitment to Deadlines: ksa is unwaveringly committed to delivering translated documents on or before the agreed-upon deadlines, providing competitive prices for our services.

Frequently Asked Questions


Religious translation involves the meticulous translation of religious texts from one language to another, with a dedicated focus on accuracy and high quality while preserving the original meaning intact. This encompasses the translation of various religious texts, such as interpretations of the Holy Qur’an, Hadiths of the Prophet, religious books, principles, rulings, and other relevant texts.


ksa offers religious translation services in Riyadh at affordable prices, determined based on factors such as the project's size, target language, and the complexity of the text. Translation prices typically range from SAR 40 to SAR 70 on average.


ksa offers translation services for religious texts into various languages, including English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and many others.


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