Medical Translation Services In Riyadh

If you need to translate a medical report or any other medical document, ksa (Medical Translation Company in Riyadh) offers expert translation services for all medical documents. Medical translation is a specialized field that involves documents with scientific content, necessitating professional translators who are thoroughly acquainted with specialized medical terminology. Therefore, we prioritize appointing translators with medical qualifications to ensure the accuracy and quality of the translation provided to our clients. Our clientele comprises doctors, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and various other entities in the medical sector.

Types Of Medical Translation In Riyadh

Medical Reports Translation

KSA offers precise translation services for all medical reports, covering various languages. Our team of translators ensures that your documents adhere to international medical translation standards, guaranteeing 100% accuracy. KSA is certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, affirming the quality of all translated documents.

Medical Pamphlet Translation

Patients often require translations of medical pamphlets and all information pertaining to their prescribed medications. KSA offers dependable medical translation services for all medical papers and documents, encompassing the translation of medicines, indications for use, side effects, doses, and medication schedules with absolute accuracy. Our goal is to ensure the health and comfort of our clients.

Medical Analysis Translation

Medical Analysis Translation demands a comprehensive understanding of medical terminology. Therefore, we prioritize appointing translators who specialize in the medical field to guarantee the translation of analyses with high quality, within the required timeframe, and at competitive prices.

Radiology Reports Translation

The ksa team of translators delivers precise and error-free professional translation services for radiology and other medical reports. Our team of language reviewers meticulously ensures that the translation is devoid of ambiguities or words that may lead to misunderstandings in the translated text, prioritizing the well-being of our clients. Recognizing that medical translation allows no room for error due to its health implications, we maintain a rigorous review process.

ksa’s Project Managers consistently allocate your medical papers and documents to specialized medical translators with extensive experience in the field. These translators possess in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and possess adept writing and drafting skills in the target language.

Stages Of The Process Of Certified Medical Report Translation

The client initiates communication with ksa through email or phone. The client submits the file for translation, specifying the target language and any additional requirements.
The project manager assesses the documents or files in terms of language pair, quantity, and translation duration.
The project manager provides the client with the translation fees and delivery date, awaiting the client’s confirmation.
Upon the client’s acceptance of the quotation, the project manager assigns the file to a specialized medical translator.
After the relevant file is translated, it undergoes a thorough linguistic review to ensure accuracy, quality, and error-free content.
Once the reviewer completes the review, the file is sent to the client for their final review before printing.
The file is then stamped with a certified translation seal and either delivered to the client or made available for pick-up at the ksa Office.

Types Of Medical Documents

  • Medical Pamphlet
  • Medical Reports
  • Medical Researches
  • Radiology Reports
  • Analysis Reports
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Medical References
  • Medical Journals
  • Medical Records
  • Medical Insurance Documents
  • Medical Experiments
  • Instructions For Use
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Patient Information
  • Pharmacological Studies
  • Clinical Trials
  • Autopsy Reports
  • Clinical Study Agreements And Contracts

Why Choose ksa?

Medical translation is a specialized field that brooks no errors. Precision is paramount, especially in medical reports, drug pamphlets, or analysis reports, as inaccuracies can lead to severe consequences. That’s why it is crucial to choose ksa (a medical translation company in Riyadh) renowned for its experience, quality, and accuracy. ksa adheres to international standards in medical translation, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.

Experience and Quality: With over 15 years of experience in the translation field and branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Cairo, ksa adheres to international standards to ensure translation accuracy.

Professional Translators: ksa’s translators are highly proficient and align with international standards in medical translation. Their familiarity with medical terminology enables accurate translation, and they excel in formulating translations with clarity and precision, free from ambiguity or errors.

Accreditation and Technology Utilization: Alsun Translation Services Company is an accredited translation office by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, serving clients from major pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and hospitals. Alsun employs cutting-edge translation technology, including Trados software and others tailored to project needs, ensuring efficiency and the highest quality.

Punctuality: ksa places a strong emphasis on meeting set delivery dates, recognizing the value of time alongside a commitment to accuracy. Depending on file size and language pair, clients can receive their files on the same day. The provision of certified medical translation services at competitive prices is accompanied by a steadfast commitment to meeting delivery dates.

Frequently Asked Questions


The pricing for medical translation services ranges from 40 to 70 Riyals per paper, contingent on the language pair. Our commitment is to consistently offer our clients the highest quality services at competitive and affordable prices.


ksa offers medical translation services between English, Arabic, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, and various other languages.


You can reach out to ksa 24/7 through email or phone, or by visiting the office during official working hours.


ksa guarantees translation quality and accuracy. Our medical translation team possesses extensive experience in the field and excels in crafting precise and accurate formulations. The meticulous stages of the translation process ensure the delivery of a high-quality and error-free translation.