The Best Simultaneous Interpretation Offices In Riyadh

We offer premier specialized interpretation services tailored to the unique needs and specifications of each client. The Tksa Simultaneous Interpretation Services Office in Riyadh boasts a team of certified interpreters proficient in over 50 language pairs. Our team of simultaneous interpreters possesses the necessary skills to deliver precise and high-quality interpretation services. At Tksa, recognized as one of the top interpretation offices in Riyadh, we prioritize the careful selection of interpreters for each project, ensuring alignment with the project’s specific requirements.


Simultaneous Interpretation Types

There Are Various Fields Of Interpretation, Including:

1. Simultaneous Interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation involves the immediate rendering of spoken words from one language to another, such as translating from English to Arabic in real-time while a speaker addresses an audience. Successful simultaneous interpretation demands speed, proficiency in both the source and target languages, quick thinking, and extensive experience. This form of interpretation is particularly well-suited for a variety of conferences and events.

2. Whispering Interpretation:

Whispered interpretation, also known as “chuchotage,” involves the interpreter providing a real-time interpretation by whispering to the recipient. This type of interpretation is commonly utilized in parties or private meetings and does not necessitate traditional interpretation equipment. If the recipient prefers, whispered interpretation can be converted into consecutive interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation:

Consecutive interpretation involves the interpreter first writing down the dialogue and then interpreting and delivering it to the individual or group. Unlike whispered and simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation is considered easier as it provides the interpreter with time to formulate the interpretation. Proficiency in language skills is crucial for successful consecutive interpretation. This form of interpretation is well-suited for business meetings and legal counseling sessions.

ترجمة فورية

ترجمة فورية

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Interpretation services necessitate specialized devices and equipment tailored to the type of event and the number of participants. These devices and fittings comprise:

  1. Wired Devices: Utilizing wired microphone systems equipped with listening channels to provide interpreter services to recipients. These systems are supplied to participants.
  2. Wireless Devices: Ideal for relatively small events due to their cost-effectiveness, wireless systems include transceivers and headphones. They offer ease of movement and are suitable for visits or lectures. Wireless systems can operate using infrared or radio frequency.
  3. Booths: Interpretation equipment encompasses booths, including options such as soundproof booths capable of accommodating multiple interpreters. These booths come equipped with necessary audio-visual tools, and smaller booths are designed with an interpretation table. Compliance with relevant ISO quality standards is imperative.
  4. Other Equipment: This category comprises the interpreter’s keyboard, mixers, loudspeakers, recording devices, platforms, and displays. Each piece of equipment is crucial for a seamless interpretation experience.

Tksa delivers interpreter services in Riyadh through a proficient and seasoned team of interpreters, utilizing state-of-the-art interpretation equipment to ensure the highest quality service.

TKSA offers the requisite equipment for interpretation services tailored to the specific event, number of attendees, and venue.

Events That Require Interpreter Services In Riyadh:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Round table meeting
  • Press conferences
  • Court hearings
  • Training courses in various languages
  • Reception of clients or foreign delegations
  • International business meetings
  • Medical treatment sessions
  • official speeches
  • Various types of celebrations
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade Forums
  • Legal consultancy sessions

Why Do You Choose ATS For Simultaneous Interpretation Services?

Expertise and Professionalism: TKSA delivers multilingual interpretation services with the utmost quality and precision, drawing upon over a decade of experience in providing interpretation and legal translation services. We have been successful partners for numerous entities in both the government and private sectors, as well as individuals. Contact us now if you are seeking a professional interpreter.

Guarantee Approved Authorized Certified Concept

Simultaneous translation Riyadh

Certified Interpretation Team: TKSA’s interpretation services team comprises interpreters holding certified certificates in various languages, guaranteeing the delivery of high-quality interpretation services. We meticulously select the best interpreters based on several criteria to ensure the accuracy of translation services. Our interpreters possess extensive experience in various domains of interpretation, including simultaneous political interpretation, simultaneous legal interpretation, medical simultaneous interpretation, and other fields.

Cutting-edge Technology: TKSA offers state-of-the-art wired and wireless devices, along with the latest technologies and equipment, including headphones, microphones, booths, and other devices that enhance interpretation services. Our team includes highly skilled technicians providing essential technical support services.

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Certainly, TKSA offers interpretation and certified translation services across various fields, including legal, medical, and technical domains. Contact us to learn more details.